Using Facebook For B2B Sales

Have you ever thought of using Facebook for B2B sales? Most business owners don’t because they think that Facebook is only good for targeting consumers.

They’re wrong. Facebook has one of the most comprehensive datasets about people available to advertisers. Don’t believe me? Have a look at the following example:

Let’s say you’re a PR agency specialising in clients in the food industry. Did you know that you can target exactly the following on Facebook: Men and women aged 26 – 50 who like topics related to the Food Industry, Food Marketing, Food Distribution, Packaging and Labelling, and have the job title ‘CEO’ or ‘Marketing Manager’

Amazing right? Right now there are 12,000 people in Facebook residing in the US who exactly match this demographic. That’s a 12,000 strong highly targeted audience that this PR agency should definitely be appealing to. Have a look at the following image:

Untitled drawing (7)


Need another example? This time let’s imagine you’re an SEO agency selling your services to lawyers. In Facebook we can easily target men and women aged 26 – 55 who like topics related to the American Bar Association and the ABA Journal, and have the job title of Partner or Senior Partner.

Untitled drawing (8)

There are 3,800 people right now on Facebook who match that criteria. Now 3,800 isn’t a lot of people to advertise to, ideally I like to see a minimum of 100,000, but then again I’m no expert in this field and it may be possible to broaden it by adding different law associations etc.

There you have it. Two very powerful examples of how to use Facebook targeting for B2B advertising.

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